c889234799e865bbe90cee71f6cd2e53_XLThe Pontifical Missionary Societies are four universal Missionary Societies under the patronage of the Holy Father. Their principle aim is the promotion of a missionary spirit among the people of God. These societies inform the people of God about the life and the needs of universal mission of the church. They serve as channels through which the faithful can reach out and concretely participate in the work of evangelization. The particular churches are encouraged to pray for one another and to support one another through the exchange of personnel and material resources. Through prayers and donations individual Christians and communities show their desire to share and care for those who bring the word of God to others. These societies are:

1. Society for the Propagation of Faith
This society was founded by a young French lady from Lyons called Pauline Marie Jaricot in 1819. The society offers all the baptized a chance to fulfill their obligation of spreading faith. This can be done through prayers and by contributing money which is sent to the universal fund that caters for missionary activity of the church like building churches, schools and hospitals as well as formation of the church leaders.

2. Society of St Peter the Apostle
This society was founded by a young French girl, Jeanne Bigard with the assistance of her mother Stephanie in 1878. Her intention was to raise money to support the formation of the indigenous priests in the mission countries.

3. Society of Missionary Union
The PMU was founded by Fr. Paolo Manna, an Italian Priest of a missionary congregation, of the PIME in 1916. His aim was to found an association that would inspire the clergy to grow in enthusiasm for mission. He dedicated his life to creating missionary awareness through publications.

4. Society of Missionary Childhood
The Society of Missionary Childhood concentrates its efforts on teaching the Faith to all children, protecting their rights and providing assistance in situations where children are suffering. It was founded by Bishop Charles Auguste Marie de Forbin Jason, A French Bishop of Nancy on 9th May 1843.

Special Appeal

The National Office of the PMS invites all the people of God to support the missionary work of the church in Kenya through their prayers and donations. You can send your donations to the national office to support:

  1. The promotion of the missions
  2. The formation of missionary animators
  3. The formation of seminarians
  4. The running of the missionary office
  5. The needy and poor children

Please address your cheque to:

Pontifical Missionary Societies

and then Mail it to:

Pontifical Missionary Societies
P.O. Box 48062 ‚ 00100 GPO
Nairobi ‚Kenya
Tel: +254 (020) 4443133/4443135/4441822
Mob: 0714 271 521

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