This year we celebrate the World Mission Sunday in the context of the Jubilee year of Mercy.  World Mission Sunday is a moment for all catholic Christians in the world to support spiritually and materially the evangelizing activities of the church in the mission territories. It is a time to share concerns of the universal Church and appreciate the work of catechists. The money contributed by every catholic Christian is used to support training of catechists, formation of church leaders, printing catechetical materials, construction of Churches, health facilities, fathers’ residence, convents,  print and electronic media and provide means of transport to agents of evangelization in the most challenged and needy parts where catholic church is young, persecuted or marginalized.

As one family in Mission the Holy Father invites all Catholics to generously support the Church to fulfil the duty of spreading the good news to all nations under the theme : ‘..We are instruments of God’s Mercy”. With this theme Pope Francis reminds all catholic Christians that love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit . It is therefore  the duty of every Christian to witness lovingly and mercifully by word and actions since faith is a gift to be shared and transmitted.

Indeed, Mission Sunday is a moment to reflect on how best to transmit this gift, express gratitude to the missionaries, support the preaching of the Gospel to areas not yet evangelized as well as lay strategies on how to maintain the deposit of  faith received.

In a spirit of solidarity and Communion, I implore you, let us join hands to contribute generously towards the universal solidarity Fund. I appeal to all parish priests to animate their Christians on the importance of this collection and to forward the entire amount of money collected to their Bishops or Apostolic Administrator for eventual transmission to the PMS International Secretariat  in Rome through the Apostolic Nunciature Office.

I wish you all a fruitful and joyful  celebration  of  our Faith.  May God bless you

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Sincerely Yours in Christ,


Rev. Fr. Celestino Bundi


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